Preparing for winter looked like hand sawing refuge from shade trees in full use… maybe she simply wished to cuddle? She imagined cuddling the winter into warmth after the sawing was finished. Yeah, she was a different type of lady… the type that preferred to build the fire and barbeque the meat. The type that wished to hug herself full and fool herself little. She wished for hugs while her hands ached and she planned to saw more the following day.
Her night contained editing, the consumption of sweetened tea and painting: Pups, Bengals and Basketball stars.

Some times we must not simply stop to photograph or smell the roses… we must do both… WE MUST!

The nightmares rushed back three at a time and she found them to be… inspiring? She wrote and wrote and wrote upon waking.
She had found kittens on a beach after her friend had drowned. She knew she was next yet reuniting a cat family was somehow most important.
She had rediscovered her friends to find the same sideways sneers she pretended not to notice.
She had encountered fire in the sky and knew the end was all around her and she jotted down the name of the lady creating the madness… inspiration she found in the lack of sleep. She woke to a bloody nose, hives and well… she was home. Properly inspired and home as she had known it to be. Full of Nightmares while she wished for dreams. Someday… she knew, someday.

Flowers on an August day.

Coho passed
the moon was a crescent
the tiny new babes which would have been in the creek were crying
she took that break.
Her sister helped her in the way she had always dreamed of.
She finally had the partner she could trust entirely with her loves.
Her sister leaving within the month…
She was the soul who taught her she was not alone.
Her sister forever by her side in her heart and mind.
Coho passed
Sockeye and Salmon were in another river now.
A river where she lived.
She breaked with the fish.
She acclimated them to their new home and hoped they swam well.

She was a country mouse who longed to view the moon each day and night.  When the parking garage dictated the imagery around her something was not right in a way which was obvious; in a way which created ache within her person.  The moon was her friend.  As long as she had breath she would believe the moon to be her friend and she would long each night she was unable to stare into her face.  Each time she was in the city she felt just a little unwell for this reason.  She missed her friend.  She missed the face of the moon and the vast openness of the sky surrounding.  She could not think of a city she liked too much… yet was she willing to travel?  Yes!  Was she willing to move?  Yes.  Was she willing to become a city mouse?  Never.  Always a country mouse, in her spirit.  The city could not change her.  The sitting could not change her.  She walked in the moonlight and photographed her friend. 

I returned home from a 4 hour drive and what do I find?  My sister in the middle of a project I would love to help with.  Day 1 and 2 of a t-shirt project.

For two consecutive nights she had the most sound sleep her memory could contain… and she wished for more.

Impressionistic Animals… my love… my specialty… my time of meditation in a world filled with various versions of chaotic whatevers.  I find peace and joy within the creation of animal homage pieces.  Some are unfinished and others are fine as they are.

Dressed within the first dress I completed entirely solo… awaiting a platonic same gender wedding date which did not occur… why waste the opportunity to party?  A mini chocolate gluten free cupcake and chips with hummus were enjoyed despite the date stand up.  ‘Twas aight… I was back in my corduroy pants in no time at all!  : )

I make dresses in my mentor’s space and she paints… this is that.

I saw her from afar and capturing became a desire.  Only capturing her image momentarily… not capturing in any other way.  Gotta’ photo ‘em alllllll butterfree? 

The gorgeous moon compared to little other beauty she could imagine viewing.  Such a distant orb of in yo’ face beautyness.  Could it be possible?  Yes, la luna was magically present in a rural setting.  She never seemed to miss the moon, a reliable partnership indeed!

When she sat for the woman and watched her home and pups she also adored the flowers because… well, how could she not?