This was the day I first posted upon tumblr with a mobile device. This was the day I became connected in that way I can refuse. This was the day I heard so many mourning songs I had to sing. This day, today. And the one arm hug and the curls and all that I’d seen. The day the application is on my screen.
Today was different as can be seen. Today was. Simply. She sleeps.
Narrative poetics pertaining to this day, that is where I am right now. That is where I will be until it is written out of me.
When the dancing felt right she laughed hysterically… because that is how joy felt… that was fun! That laughter needed to end, that focus had to enter! To-Do: Get used to… feelings of fun?

The more I think of words the more I think in words; the more I think as such, the more I write.

Sometimes I see only pictures please but then I hear a voice and I see words more clearly.

I was attempting to lead during dance and well, my mind was on the scapula. My mind would not remove itself from the scapula. It was hopeless and my feet didn’t care about hearing anything. I was fixated upon a word unused. “Shoulder blade… shoulder blade… Scapula Scapula…?” ::Sigh:: I will never wonder why I can’t dance in the moment. I know I am thinking of words.
Band clASS

Him:  You remind me so much of my college girlfriend.  I will have to bring a picture to show you.

Her:  Yeah, okay?  ::um, I am HIS STUDENT!  This is odd by odd I mean inappropriate as FUCK.  Sorry, but I don’t care of her appearance I loathe my own.  I would not date him, certainly illegally gross and this is not friendly conversation time.. it is band time!::


Next Day

Him:  See, here she is.  You look like her, see?

Her:  Sir, you know how usually we just sit around and well, we don’t have structure within the 90 minutes of class time?  Maybe we should have less time to set up and more play time.  Can we start with Nuclear Garbage today, followed by….

Him:  Blank Stare

Her:  If you need help constructing a lesson plan, I would help you.

Him:  Blank Stare

Her:  ::Writing a lesson plan upon the chalkboard.::  Yes, I think class would go much better if things were structured a little something like this.  I don’t know, you’re the teacher sir, what do you think?

I passed out and did not see the blood moon. I awoke and… I think I am a vampire?
Oh lovely human, you are!

A surreal looking orb in reality.

Oh man, it hurt hurt hurt… I thought of high school geometry and the linguistic lesson I would learn in using the expression, “Oh man.” I thought of so many things in rapid succession my mind was numb.
Her mom called her just to let her know of the death. It was never that simple, was it?
Good medicine was needed and it was received. The best medicines were always in the form of words.
Patience and persistence paid off! Restarting and selecting differing options also aided. The printer soon buzzed with the dancing life of words upon pages and pages and pages.
A lifetime guarantee: Perhaps if she didn’t use the printer each day it would last longer than it did?