I accomplish the most in the morning! Yet, if I am up at that time… I have stayed up all night? Does that mean I accomplish insanity? Restructure my life cycle? NEVAR!
Always in anticipation of - The Buffer.
She was awake and she was experiencing ecstasy. In love with the sounds filling her ears. The birds sang in this way she wished to understand. She remembered her text book and the notion that linguistic patterns were so distinctive to humans. Or they wished! OR they wished they could sing so fucking beautifully. Or they wished they understood the song? She was awake and she was experiencing ecstasy. Maybe she understood. Maybe she could never be certain… the distracting ecstasy and her desire to just listen. Darn, she had to get up and… sing.
She wrote a four page email and a five line poem. She sent the letter without question. The poem she withheld. She simply didn’t want to give him the wrong idea. She often wondered when the time for releasing poetry was… that overwhelmed her. The thoughts, the poetry, the words, their meaning to her and how they would be interpreted.

Today was successful in a way which I failed a million times.
Tomorrow the success arrives…. Today I believe in that.

Swim My Love

A friend arrived from hell today whenever that day was.

The day was night, she was in black and she walked to my mom.

I was not there my mom called me, she drove her to my side.

So, now my friend is back with me, the place that I reside.


My friend whimpers as the frog croaks and I just can’t stand the sound.

I am fully aware of the sound fact that she would be disturbed were she to hear…


Yes, The Frog. 


Such sounds as frogs disturb my friend

and sights like spiders must just end.


The sounds in her sleep are more alive than the narrative she told this day.

A good Friday indeed because of a purpose of redefining.


My friend.


Her sunglasses on, unable to fully enjoy the scenery of so serene.

The driving for the missing thing.

Prior she had wanted to live. 

Prior she had wanted to heal.

Prior she had wanted to change. 

She articulated her want,

anew, her want so true?


“To Just Get High.”


And those sounds and that cycle and the way she can’t run.

And the sores she scratched and scooped. 

The circles swelling and bursting with blood.

My friend the beautiful villain trying to kill the hero in her own skin.

My friend the beautiful hero.


What will save her?


Only herself, no amount of me praising her as super makes it such.

The obvious is as green as the grass in someone else’s pipe.

She needs help and still she can only save herself.

What does she do now?

It appears, the alternative is to drown.

My friend, the beautiful heroine.


It is Easter and Adventure is in the Air!
You are my love and I love you.
On a reservation: The old do not die, the people do.
This was the day I first posted upon tumblr with a mobile device. This was the day I became connected in that way I can refuse. This was the day I heard so many mourning songs I had to sing. This day, today. And the one arm hug and the curls and all that I’d seen. The day the application is on my screen.
Today was different as can be seen. Today was. Simply. She sleeps.
Narrative poetics pertaining to this day, that is where I am right now. That is where I will be until it is written out of me.
When the dancing felt right she laughed hysterically… because that is how joy felt… that was fun! That laughter needed to end, that focus had to enter! To-Do: Get used to… feelings of fun?

The more I think of words the more I think in words; the more I think as such, the more I write.

Sometimes I see only pictures please but then I hear a voice and I see words more clearly.

I was attempting to lead during dance and well, my mind was on the scapula. My mind would not remove itself from the scapula. It was hopeless and my feet didn’t care about hearing anything. I was fixated upon a word unused. “Shoulder blade… shoulder blade… Scapula Scapula…?” ::Sigh:: I will never wonder why I can’t dance in the moment. I know I am thinking of words.